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System for Automated Bacterial Integration of Annotation


System for Automated Bacterial Integration of Annotation



System for Automated Bacterial Integrated Annotation - SABIA ( being a very well-known bird in Brazil) is a new tool developed for the assembly and annotation of prokaryote genomes (Bioinformatics. 2004 Nov 1;20(16):2832-3). It performs automatic tasks of assembly analysis, ORFs identification/analysis, and extragenic regions analysis. The system integrates several public domains and newly developed software programs capable of dealing with several types of databases and is portable to different operational systems. These programs interact with most of the well-known biological softwares and databases: Glimmer, Genemark, tRNAScan-SE, the BLAST family programs, InterPro, COG, Kegg, PSORT, GO, RBSFinder and can be also used to identify metabolic pathways. SABIA was developed by the Bioinformatics Laboratory (LABINFO/ LNCC) team and the system has been used in various genome projects.

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